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The Order of Gilthoniel
Our Policies


The Order of Gilthoniel kinship was created on the very first day of the special Early Access period for European Lord of the Rings Online players 15-April-2007. Our only membership requirements are that you are over 25 years of age and are a member of The Older Gamers, our parent organisation. We have players from all over Europe with a wide range of play styles, from people that come on for a few hours a week to regular raiders. 

We run a regular program of events for our members and we encourage everyone to get involved.

We also have our own Mumble server for the use of all of our members for social and gaming activities. If you want a supportive kinship with a fun atmosphere run by experienced gamers that will be around for as long as the servers stay up, then The Order of Gilthoniel is for you. 

For details on how to join TOG and our kinship, follow the instructions here http://www.theoldergamers.com/forum/barracks/

The Older Gamers, our parent organisation consists of 30+ game divisions in most genres with over 50,000 registered players. 

If you have any questions about The Order of Gilthoniel or TOG feel free to ask, just look us up on the Evernight server.

We look forward to seeing you in-game.